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    Below is a searchable list of all court divisions, as well as the two DC courts – the DC Court of Appeals and the Superior Court of DC. This should help you locate the various offices and divisions. If you need assistance to determine which division or court you should go to, please call (202)879-1010.
  • Administrative Services Division
    Offices at Gallery PlaceSixth Floor202-879-0476Directions
  • Admissions and Unauthorized Practice of Law
    Historic CourthouseRoom No. 123202-879-2710Directions
  • Budget and Finance Division
    Offices at Gallery PlaceSixth Floor202-879-7596Directions
  • Capital Projects and Facilities Management Division
    Offices at Gallery PlaceSixth Floor202-879-5515Directions
  • Center for Education and Training
    Offices at Gallery PlaceSixth Floor202-879-0488Directions
  • Civil Division - Civil Actions
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 5000202-879-1133Directions
  • Civil Division - Landlord and Tenant Branch
    Court Building BRoom No. 110202-508-4879Directions
  • Civil Division - Quality Review Branch
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 5000202-879-1750Directions
  • Civil Division - Small Claims and Conciliation Branch
    Court Building BRoom No. 120202-879-1120Directions
  • Clerk of the Court of Appeals
    Historic CourthouseRoom No. 209202-879-2700Directions
  • Clerk of the Superior Court
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 2500202-879-1400Directions
  • Court Reporting and Recording Division
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 5500202-879-1009Directions
  • Court of Appeals - Case Management Division
    Historic CourthouseRoom No. 113202-879-2716Directions
  • Court of Appeals Administrative Division
    Historic CourthouseRoom No. 127202-879-2755Directions
  • Court of Appeals – Public Office
    Historic CourthouseRoom No. 115202-879-2700Directions
  • Crime Victims Compensation Program
    Court Building ARoom No. 104202-879-4216Directions
  • Criminal Division
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 4001202-879-1688Directions
  • Criminal Finance Office
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 4203202-879-1840Directions
  • Domestic Violence Unit
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 4400202-879-0157Directions
  • Domestic Violence Unit - Greater Southeast Domestic Violence Intake Center
    SE Satellite Office1328 Southern Ave, SE, Suite 311202-561-3000Directions
  • Executive Office
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 6680202-879-0157Directions
  • Family Court Operations Division
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. JM520202-879-1634Directions
  • Family Court Operations Division - Juvenile and Neglect Branch
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. JM300202-879-1316Directions
  • Family Court Operations Division - Mental Health and Habilitation Branch
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 4475202-879-1040Directions
  • Family Court Operations Division - Paternity and Support Branch
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. JM300202-879-4856Directions
  • Family Court Social Services Division
    Court Building BThird Floor202-879-1866Directions
  • Family Court Social Services Division - Northeast Satellite Office
    CSSD NE Satellite Office2575 Reed St, NEDirections
  • Family Court Social Services Division - Northwest and UTURN Satellite Office
    CSSD NW Satellite Office1724 Kalorama Rd, NWDirections
  • Family Court Social Services Division - Southeast Satellite Office
    CSSD SE Satellite Office1110 V Street, SEDirections
  • Family Court Social Services Division - Southwest Satellite Office
    CSSD SW Satellite Office1201 South Capitol St, SWDirections
  • Human Resources Division
    Offices at Gallery PlaceSixth Floor202-879-0496Directions
  • Information Technology Division
    Court Building CSecond Floor202-508-1017Directions
  • Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division
    Court Building CRoom No. 2900202-879-1549Directions
  • Office of the Auditor Master
    Offices at Gallery PlaceSixth Floor202-879-3281Directions
  • Office of the General Councel
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 5400202-879-1627Directions
  • Probate Division
    Court Building AThird Floor202-879-9460Directions
  • Research and Development Division
    Offices at Gallery PlaceSixth Floor202-879-2860Directions
  • Special Operations Division - Appeals Coordinators Office
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 3148202-879-1731Directions
  • Special Operations Division - Child Care Center
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. C185202-879-1759Directions
  • Special Operations Division - Court Library
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 6735202-879-1435Directions
  • Special Operations Division - Judge-in-Chambers
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 4220202-879-1450Directions
  • Special Operations Division - Jurors' Office
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 3130202-879-4604Directions
  • Special Operations Division - Office of Court Interpreting Srvices
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 3127202-879-4828Directions
  • Special Operations Division - Tax Division
    Moultrie CourthouseRoom No. 3131202-879-1399Directions
  • Test
    Court Building CRoom No. 0000202-879-1398Directions